Let’s take a walk,

Through the Wisdom of Nature

Living by Natural Principles

Hello and welcome, it’s nice that our paths have crossed today. My name is Nic and I’m eager to walk you through the Mentorship Paths I’ve created for Teens and Young Adults. Whether you choose the path of Wilderness Healing or the Rite of Passage, we’ll follow Nature as our guide.

The foundation of The Path lay in the pursuit of discovering and cultivating Principles rooted in Nature. Looking to flora, fauna, the very spirt of the earth itself for inspiration, we reflect on our experiences and shift our awareness towards healing, growth, and careful observation of our surroundings.

From these Principles, I encourage young people to explore their authentic self, steward their relationships with others, and grow their dreams into attainable goals. Steps to trail, seeds to earth, steel to wood, I invite you to saunter with me and explore the power passion creates in a young person’s life.

The landscape of what it means to be young is vastly different from what it used to look like. Youth today need adult mentors in their life more than ever as our culture continues to radically evolve in the presence of new technologies, communications, and social change. The edge between a tool and a weapon is as fine the sharpness of our awareness.

I know it’s easy to become lost; easy to slip into the common mold; easy to feel alone and it is hard to do something different. I’ve spent the last decade guiding young people to find their way again and let me tell you, the trail goes on.

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Program Philosophy

Natural Principles

As scientific laws describe the natural world and societal laws govern communities of people, it is our Principles which describe our human nature and govern our interactions with others. Beyond common definitions of principles like courage, honesty, and determination, Principles may be understood more clearly through observation and experience. Nature holds a wealth of observable interactions as the elements commune with life. The steps between recognizing, conceptualizing, and applying principles are as far apart as the resistance we hold within.

Authentic Self

Underneath layer upon layer of social conditioning is an Authentic Self that permeates existence. Discovering who we are comes down to stripping away labels that imprison us and relationships that bind us. It’s about understanding how our experiences may shape who we are, but realizing that our reactions determine who we can be. Our journey through life begins and ends with discovering who we are. Only after we meet our Authentic Self can we evolve into better versions of that Self.

Healthy Relationships

Development of the inward-self must be matched with cultivation of the outward-self for our work to be sustainable. It is our community who will hold us accountable. Cultivating a community of support begins with understanding how we see other people in our lives. The lens with which we see is tinted by the Principles we hold and our familiarity with our Authentic Self. From understanding how we view other people, we may begin to tend our relationships so that we prioritize family members, friends, and people who bring positivity and growth to our lives.

Organized Dreaming

Perhaps the most inspirational facet of a young mind is the boundless opportunity that awaits decision. Whether buried beneath shame or lost in lofty aspiration, Dreams are as central to our being as Principles. Learning how to conceptualize and manifest our Dreams follows as we develop our Authentic Self and supportive community. It is when Dreams transition to goals that we engage our agency and begin to prioritize different facets of our lives. Dreams give purpose to the work we do, inward and out.

“Nature does not hurry
Yet everything is accomplished”

-Lao Tzu


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