The Path

“Between every two pine trees there is a door leading to a new way of life” –John Muir

This program has two paths, one for those who can’t see the way forward through the darkness and one for those who are ready to see more, the light of opportunity shining.

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Mentee Profile

Nic’s youth mentorship paths are suitable for teens and young adults (ages 13-25) who find themselves in transition. The dramatic shift between youth and adulthood can be challenging and it is easy to fall into the wrong friend group, to struggle understanding mental health, to feel paralyzed by the prolific decisions ahead. Nic is a guide that can help navigate:

Youth In Crisis

  • Experiencing overwhelming challenges at home or with school
  • Experiencing heightened levels of anxiety, stress, depression, anger, entitlement and indecision
  • Struggling with mild substance abuse/dependency issues
  • Experiencing grief or loss
  • Struggling with mild eating disorder issues
  • Experiencing attachment issues

Youth Lost

  • Understanding and coping with recent mental health diagnosis 
  • Experiencing poor family relations
  • Experiencing poor academic motivation
  • Struggling with learning differences
  • Struggling with relationship issues
  • Experiencing self-esteem and confidence issues
  • Struggling with social issues
  • Developing healthy coping skills

Youth to be Honored

  • Youth preparing to leave home
  • Looking to make decisions about college and career planning
  • Exploring their identity
  • Youth readjusting from a prior treatment facility
  • Looking to step into adulthood

Program Elements

A consultation call is the first step. Let’s plan to chat for 20-30 minutes to see if this is the right program for your teenager or young adult. After we talk, we can see if a 3-month, 6-month, or on-going program will fit your needs. Every program includes time in Session, Practice, and Dialogue.


Benefiting from the abundant natural spaces in Santa Barbara, sessions will be held outdoors weekly for two to three hours. Meeting sites may include parks, trails and beaches around town, with transportation arranged prior to meeting. In session, we will critically examine our past decisions, present emotions, and future aspirations; we will connect our experiences with the inherent driving principles behind them; and, we will compare the principles we hold with those we can observe in nature.


Participation in the program requires youth to commit to completing weekly assignments and readings agreed upon after the session. This practice may take the form of letter writing, guided reflections, group discussions with family members, and completing selected readings. Youth will be expected to work 3-4 hours outside of session with their practice. Academic work loads, learning styles, and extracurricular commitments will be taken into consideration.


Open communication is key to developing a mentoring relationship, short twenty to thirty minute phone calls will be held weekly with available texting anytime. Phone calls will be used to check-in during the week and provide continued support. Texting is available anytime to meet the needs of youth in moments of indecision or crisis. The program is not meant to be conducted at a distance, one-on-one sessions are the foundation of the work to be done.


Nic has a deep commitment to a way of being centered in compassion, love, and the well-being of others. He lives and takes action in his philosophies and principles everyday. He is one of the most powerfully engaging mentors I have had the pleasure of working with.

Jackson- 25

Dude, you’re such a homie. Everyday you cause me to grow and become a better version of myself. I love meditating with you and you have a really great energy. You have been so vulnerable with me and you listened to me when I’m vulnerable with you. I will remember everything you have helped and taught me

Anonymous – 14

Progress Reports

Monthly mentorship reports will be made available to youth, parents, and the supervising therapist. Included in the reports will be a description of the month’s sessions, a list of assigned and completed practice tasks, and plan for next month’s mentorship. A meeting to discuss the report may be scheduled at any time in-person or over the phone.

Parent Resources

Further resources will be made available to parents and may be recommended after a session takes place. The resources are intended to help connect parents to the mentorship taking place and help foster an environment conducive to continued growth and healing. Resources may include books, videos, or other media beneficial to supporting the youth in their journey.


The price of the program is an investment in your future, you decide how much you invest. The program includes everything described in the mentorship structure and if you would like to request services in addition to those described, a sliding scale can be negotiated to accommodate greater needs. Scholarships are available for low-income families and may be applied for after the consultation call. A discount is provided for clients who commit to at least 3 months of mentorship.

Let’s Take a Walk

Walking through the seasons of life, albeit foggy paths or sunny trails, is a journey we all embark on. Who we walk with, the pace we take, and the route we find ourselves on is a choice we make. Together we can choose principle over chaos, our authentic self over that which would be imposed; we can choose healthy relationships that support and grow our dreams; we can choose today to start learning, healing, and growing.

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